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BS 8081-1989, Code Of Practice For Ground Anchorages.pdfl

Ground anchors have been playing an important role in reinforcing dykes, underground, stabilizing structures of earth retaining walls, subway stations, and anchoring abutments of bridge or in sea port, etc. In Vietnam, the design of ground anchors is generally based on the international design guidelines, in particular the Eurocode. As there is a diversity of current design practices in different countries, it is necessary to carefully verify and validate an international design of ground anchor before adopting it to Vietnam. This paper aims at presenting a series of full-scale pullout tests of ground anchors recently performed in several projects in Hanoi and Ha Long city, Vietnam. The testing results in terms of the ultimate load-holding capacity, the pullout performance and the skin friction are discussed and compared with the French design practice TA95 in order to evaluate as well as to improve its applicability in Vietnam.

BS 8081-1989, Code Of Practice For Ground Anchorages.pdfl


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