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True Elk Of Skyrim

One more mod for those who though the vanilla Arvak was underwhelming. As the mod author states, with this mod, Arvak becomes a true undead horse with bleached bones and cold fire for hair. The mod features new textures and meshes, and you can even choose from four different bone and effect colorations. Ultimately, the mod is done so well that it takes the forgotten Arvak and turns him into one of our favorite horses to ride around on.

true elk of skyrim

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My condolences to Lynn, Erika and families. Alice was a true treasure to my family. She taught me more than just how to show a powerful animal. She taught kindness, compassion, determination and love. My parents became great friends of hers and so enjoyed her company. I can still smell the barn and hear the horses, and her always talking, even as she was walking away from me! I enjoyed her 90th birthday and taking my daughter to see Skyrim Stables that day. Alice was one of a kind and I hold the memories of her and Skyrim close to my heart. 350c69d7ab

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